Target Deals for Week of 8/15

I am not a target shopper, but will occasionally post what I see elsewhere that matches up the online printable target coupons with the sales and with manufacturer coupons. This is just what I see in the flyer. Would love to have a Target expert post this deals.

$.20 School Supplies
RoseArt 2 ct. washable glue sticks

$.50 School Supplies
RoseArt 8 ct. Washable watercolor paint set

$10 gift card with purchase of new or transferred prescription coupon. (Remember these can be used at CVS and I am not sure where else.)

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I am moving the couponing and frugality part of the blog to

This reflects mine and Lisa’s couponing and frugality theme. So please, join us over at

There is lots of new content. Lisa has added a recipe, some frugal gift ideas and many, many other things. The PIck’n Save and Sentry ads for this week should be added tonight or tomorrow. Lisa added Piggly Wiggly for this week. So take a look!

This blog may remain more of a personal blog, but will have to think about it first.

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Fourth of July

After breaking my toe a month ago, I was uncertain if I would be able to carry out our traditional Fourth of July evening. Typically we climb the large hill not far from our house (Glacier Cone Park just off of Madison). It is a fairly large steep hill and I never can make it up without some huffing and puffing. (For you exercisers, it is a great workout!) From there we watch the fireworks from all directions. There is always talk of which fireworks are those? Merrill Hills Golf Club? Country Inn? Waukesha Expo Center? There really is fireworks on all directions.

Well, guess what, I wore my tennis shoes for the first time on Saturday when we went out shopping a little. Tired out a bit, and had to loosen them some, but they worked out well. So then Sunday, we drove to the bottom of the hill, just in case it bothered me. But I made it up without anywhere near as much trouble as I was expecting. Coming down was a tad worse, as it does put more pressure on your toes, but the path is fairly nonrocky in most places and the grass is cut on the path and it helped tremendously. So, I got to do our traditional Fourth of July! (Okay, it was too hot to grill out in our mind, so we boiled and then broiled the beer brats.)

Now I have to try and post a picture that we took with our new camera of some of the fireworks. Never posted a picture on here before.

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